Drahla emerged in mid 2016 and quickly established themselves as a formidable and distinctive band across their two sold out 7” singles and 2017's Third Article EP. This in turn garnered the attention of the New York based indie behemoth Captured Tracks to sign the Leeds band. With another sold out 7” and the critically acclaimed debut album, 2019’s ‘Useless Coordinates’ under their belt the band spent most of their time on the road.
Headline tours across Europe, UK, USA & Canada alongside multiple festival appearances, including Meltdown at the behest of The Cure’s Robert Smith. This cemented the band as an uncompromising live force on the stage.
After an almost 3-year hiatus the band bolted back on the scene with two new singles, ‘Under the Glass’ and ‘Lipsync’. Another successful UK & EU tour along with multiple radio plays and a 6-music session with Marc Riley (The bands 4th appearance on the show) marked a solid return for Drahla.
As the dust settles on their latest release, ‘Lipsync’, the band gear up for the announcement of their much-anticipated sophomore album. All eyes will be on Drahla as 2024 will undoubtably the biggest year for the band to date.

"Drahla's abstract punk songs that are ecstatic about the everyday. The squalls of noise in songs like 'Pyramid Estate' show a band willing to dig beneath the surface." - Noisey

"...the kind of literate punk to kickstart a revolution in your mind." - The FADER

"Drahla are the UK's most uncompromising new band" – DIY

“The ferocious Leeds trio treat post-punk like a game of Tetris, joyfully flipping and rearranging the elements into new patterns.” 7.7 – Pitchfork

"There's a sinister groove to this fine debut from Drahla, a Yorkshire trio who embellish their disjointed post-punk beats with atmospheric squalls of sax” 8/10 - Uncut Magazine

"Leeds trio’s potent first album takes rugged-but-cerebral post-punk on a propulsive, saxophone-tinted journey." 4/5 - The Guardian

“A meticulous debut from the Leeds trio, who juggle razor-sharp control with barely contained chaos, this is a New York 'no wave'-inspired triumph” 4/5 – NME




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