Polyester Skin by Jacob Bellens Out on HFN Music on Feb 5, 2016

“...a devouring charm ... A wealth of intelligence and depth define ‘The Daisy Age’. Whilst the songs are lyrically whimsical and diverse, it’s the aesthetics and melody which inspires the pieces to resemble a cultured mosaic as the splendid ‘End Of The Needle’ departs.” UK-based Artrocker on Jacob Bellens’ solo debut The Daisy Age.

“We played some shows with Danish band Murder earlier in the year and I became a fan. Simple music and melodies, but with a real depth and a strangeness within the songs...and a great voice.” Stuart Staples (Tindersticks) praising to Jacob’s band Murder on Pitchfork Jacob Bellens’ forthcoming solo album Polyester Skin (HFN Music) is set to amaze left-field pop enthusiasts and singer songwriter-fans alike.

The locally celebrated and award winning singer songwriter Jacob Bellens is ready to release his first internationally signed solo album Polyester Skin on 5th February 2016 through HFN Music (Trentemøller, Reptile Youth and more). Polyester Skin is a wonderful mix of heartfelt lyrics, crisp & modern pop productions alongside Jacobs signature vocals that never fails to captivate the listener.

As a household name in his native Denmark Jacob Bellens is no stranger to releasing albums and playing live. Jacob has released many albums with his own bands (Murder, I Got You on Tape and solo) alongside guest performances for other artists and he’s played close to 500 shows. Fans of Jacob Bellens know how the music and lyrics of this humble and enigmatic artist crawls under your skin and leaves you moved and wanting for more. With Polyester Skin Jacob Bellens embarks on a new chapter in an already impressive career.

Polyester Skin came to life during the past two years in a close collaboration between Jacob and acclaimed Danish producer/DJ Kasper Bjørke. Jacob sent a ton of demos to Kasper who then selected which songs he felt were the strongest and the ones he could contribute best to production-wise. This is just the latest of many musical endeavours between the two; Jacob has been featured on vocals on several of Kasper’s solo releases including “Young Again” from the album Standing On Top Of Utopia (2010) and on “Lose Yourself to Jenny” from Kasper’s 2012-album Fool.

While the overall sonic impression of the album is electronic Polyester Skin also boasts an impressive lineup of guest musicians including Tomas Høffding (WhoMadeWho), Jakob Høyer (The Raveonettes, Trentemøller) and Nils Grøndahl (Under Byen a.o).

The album opener “Tidal Wave” sets the mood of the album with an open and airy production backing lyrics that evolves around the pivotal line “what is the point of / having a guiding star / if you wont listen”. The beats and synths – in Jacob’s own words – “have some kind of Vangelis/Chariots of Fire thing going on” which is more than hard to resist.

One of Jacob Bellens’ distinctive features is the almost Damon Albarn-esque musical diversity of his output. The heavy groove, synth-strings and especially the vocal-rhythm of “Behind the Barricades” reveals Jacob Bellens longtime fascination with rap music while “Raining Parachutes” has a caribbean feel to it, a musical style that’s also been hinted at in Jacobs earlier work. Polyester Skin features quite a few tracks whose shuffle-grooves and synth-roles pay homage tO certain flavour of 80s pop, as in the uptempo “Ace of Spades” and the beautiful ballad “Untouchable”. But don’t let the seemingly lightweight synth-ingredients and crisp drum machines deceit you – the lyrical abundance of existential depth and intimate melancholy is omnipresent throughout Polyester Skin.

But there are no rules without exceptions and on key tracks like “Back to You” and the title track “Polyester Skin” we experience a new side of Jacob Bellens that proves he’s more than capable of embracing the brighter sides of life in extremely groovy and catchy pop-songs. Jacob Bellens’ 3rd solo album is a playful and modern take on the artistic virtues that has made him into one of the most celebrated artists on Denmark’s independent scene in the past decade.

Polyester Skin is out on HFN Music on Feb 5, 2016. First single from the album will be the title track, out on November 27, 2015.


All songs written by Jacob Bellens
All tracks produced, programmed and mixed by Kasper Bjørke
Final Mix and Mastering: Anders Schumann
Percussion by Carsten Skov
Trumpet by Kasper Tranberg. Trombone by Mads Hyhne. Strings by Nils Grøndahl.
Backing vocals by Disa Jakobs & Stine Grøn. Bass by Tomas Høffding. Drums by Jakob Høyer


Born in 1979 in Nakskov, a small town in Southern Denmark, Bellens has written songs since the age of 13 resulting in a huge output of material. He has released albums in various constellations since 2004, including three albums with the duo-project Murder, four albums as lead vocalist in I Got You On Tape and two solo albums, The Daisy Age (Wind Some Lose Some, 2012) and My Convictions (A Spot in the Sun, 2014). In 2013 Jacob Bellens and fellow Copenhagen songwriters Fridolin Nordsøe and Kristian Leth wrote the theme song for one of the big national TV series of the year (Dicte) and Jacob is also one half of the duo Goblins alongside Lars Iversen from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour whose track “Heartbreak City” has been all over Denmark’s P6 Beat radio station this summer.

In 2011, Bellens won the Danish music critics' award Steppeulven for Singer of The Year and, with I Got You On Tape, also the prestigious P3 Guld award from the national Danish radio. Both Murder and I Got You On Tape, as well as his collaboration with Kasper Bjørke, has grabbed several Danish Music Award nominations.



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