Over the past decade, Philipp Johann Thimm has abetted and instigated numerous musical explorations with various musicians in and around his home base of Berlin. He has displayed his talents as a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer on projects ranging from his first band ABBY, his ongoing collaboration with Sascha Ring under the Apparat banner, various theatre projects, music for art installations, a well as big and small screen soundtracking, oh and they both were nominated for a Grammy in 2019 for 'Best Electronic Album' with Apparat's LP5.

"For the longest time I've had the urge to make something for myself to share with others. I've always felt that it needed to happen, but there was no real game plan. It's happening now because of a weird flow state - a lot of different elements coming together at this particular time. "

Amidst the aforementioned activity, Philipp has managed to find the time to record his debut solo release, "Birds Singing Till The World Ends". It begins with a prayer- glitchy beats dance over woozy strings as disembodied voices intone a plea for sanity amidst the chaos that surrounds. Then the spectral sounds of children emerge only to give way to the harsh realities of violence to come, there is hope but the cost of that hope isn't cheap, all this and more as natural sounds become electronic textures, pulses and beats lead to the path forward. Crafted with the help of family and friends, Philipp has delivered his Declaration of Musical Intent. "The best thing that can happen is for someone you love to produce a sound and then to be able to record that sound. Those recordings of that person are so much more precious than a preset, and then to be able to weave it into the music..."

As for the immediate future; the band is ready, dates are being booked, music and videos are being released. Those amongst us that are further blessed may even find themselves present at a gathering of fellow questing souls, immersed in the flow of the music as Philipp and his musical cohorts perform, "at the edge of a forest, next to a lake, at sunset, start friendly, then comes the deep shit as it grows darker..." He always brings something from his huge pool of instruments to the stage, maybe cello, guitar, dulcimer or harp - but definitely a flute, a bell and something with electricity and his voice. Oh! And a bassdrum! He'll most likely bring a bassdrum! Maybe even a whole beat...

By David Roeder




Date Country City Venue
08.08.24 DE Rees Haldern Haldern Pop Festival