In its most punk-cliché, SMILE results from suppressed anger and grief – experiencing a highly differentiated modern world that is causing the pressure to perform a variety of roles while staying physically and mentally healthy. These conditions result in permanently overstressed subjects longing for active recreation and rapid recovery. That’s why SMILE is such an accurate concept for this band: it symbolizes a modern imperative to keep up appearances while your skin is on fire and represents a decision to face this world we’ve alienated from with an ironic attitude.

SMILE is not limited to expressing anger or channeling socially embedded emotions. It’s just as much a bridging of various music genres into a concise and idiosyncratic but ridiculous style. Their EP debut, I Hate It Here, introduces the listeners to their mirage of sounds.

SMILE comprises Lars, Marius, Max, Rubee, and Sebastian. The Cologne-based band came together in Bonn, running into each other at the same concerts and eventually realizing that they have a common ground with the music they love.


by David Saia


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